White Dog Analytics offers statistical computing services to help you perform ad hoc and recurring data analyses with basic and advanced statistical methods that can be applied across academic fields and industries. Our team specializes in developing statistical web applications (analytical dashboards, automated data collection and analysis scripts...) and web analytics (digital advertising optimization tests, website visitor behavior...).


Statistical Computing

Online Advertising Optimization

Website Visitor Behavior

If you need to automate data collection and analysis, build interactive data dashboards, develop statistical web applications, automate business intelligence reports, or similar services, we can help. We usually use R (Shiny framework) or Python (Django framework) to develop the applications and deploy them to the cloud or deliver them for deployment on premises.

Every online business needs to understand how their advertisements are performing and continuously optimize their ads and landing pages to reduce costs and increase conversions. Together we will develop a plan to optimize your online advertising, and we'll monitor the effects of changes and report the outcomes.

If you had to commit to monitoring and analyzing only one performance indicator on your website, we recommend focusing on visitor behavior. How your visitors interact with the website is critical for understanding the next steps you have to take to improve user experience and, of course, your conversion rates.


U.S. Tap Water Quality Explorer

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Lead Data Analyst

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Data Visualization Lead


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